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How We Turned a 1/4-Acre Parking Lot into a Closed-Loop Microfarm in 1 Year

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What you'll learn:

  • The exact process we took over 12 months to turn a parking lot into paradise.
  •  How we employed a myriad of creatures to work symbiotically with us to help us with our work.
  • What different systems and technologies we used to build a ridiculous amount of fertile soil.

Who are we?

Living Earth Systems is a holistic design firm specializing in regenerative farm design. Our goal is to provide both education and inspiration for implementing a lifestyle that is good for you and good for the earth.
Eddy Garcia

Co-Founder of Living Earth Systems, Author, Speaker, Waterman

Growing up on a small Hawaiian island, Eddy Garcia has over 30 years of experience living off-grid. His deep connection to Nature has taught him fundamental truths that are woven into Living Earth Systems. 

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Learn How We Turned a ¼-acre Parking Lot into a Closed-Loop Microfarm in 1 Year

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