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Worm Bin Workshop

Build an overflowing worm population, feed your garden, and grow incredible food


A Worm Bin is the very first thing we recommend to want-to-be-gardeners, and anyone who wants to lessen their impact on this planet.

Our course has easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions on how to build your own worm bin. We use videos and graphics to show you how to construct your bin in 10 easy-to-follow steps.

Overwhelmed with the idea of starting a garden? 

Start growing your worm population & building soil TODAY with the Worm Bin Workshop!


The online workshop includes:

  • How to Build a Worm Bin Video Instructions
  • Materials list
  • Worm bin design
  • Details on how to stock your first worm bin
  • A background of how we use worms in our overall composting strategy
  • Troubleshooting & how to deal with pests


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A Method for Easier Gardening

If you’ve done much gardening, you’re probably aware that tilling can be one of the most strenuous tasks. We believe in no-till gardening, meaning you don’t have to worry about turning over the soil. Instead, with our method, the worms do all that work for you. It saves you time and energy, and it’s better for the soil. That’s a win for you and for the earth.

Easy-to-Follow Instructions for How to Build Your Own Fertilizer

An important component of a successful garden is having healthy fertilizer to nurture your plants and promote nutrients in the soil. That’s where worms come in. With 2-3 plastic bins, you can create up to 50 lbs. of fertilizer.

A Foundational Piece of Building a Healthy Garden

We’ve spent decades building regenerative farms, and we know the formula that works to construct nutrient-dense soil for your plants to thrive in.


Build a Worm Composting Bin Today... For Less Than $30

Let’s be honest: you’re probably spending a lot more than that on store-bought fertilizer. 

Especially if you have a large outdoor garden and are using multiple bags of it.

For less than the cost of buying fertilizer for your garden this year, you can learn how to build your own system of fertilizer that will continue to sustain itself and produce more fertilizer as long as you maintain it.

And i’s not just about the cost.

Tons of health and environmental concerns come with using store-bought fertilizer, even if it’s organic.

Store-bought organic fertilizer is made with the bone- and blood-meal of animals that are mistreated and fed antibiotics.

Other fertilizers are petroleum-based and destroy the soil.

If we want to be sustainable, we need to think about what we’re putting into the ground to grow our food, how it’s going to affect the ground in the future, how nutritious it’s going to be, and how we can use the resources we already have instead of buying new ones.

Plus, it’s an easy way to recycle newspaper, cardboard, and food scraps. We’ll teach you how to prepare them for the worms to eat.

That’s Why We Created The Worm Bin Workshop

Having your own worm bin is the first step toward building an eco-conscious garden that works in tune with Mother Nature.

When you join our workshop and learn how to build your own worm bin, you’re choosing resiliency over convenience.

After your worm bin is up and running, you’ll realize using the fertilizer made by the worm bin stored in your yard, kitchen, or garage is way more convenient than running to the store every time you need fertilizer.

You’ll be surprised how easy it is.



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